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The Difference Between SYM 185 and SYM VF3i: A Comparative Analysis

SYM 185


The SYM 185 is a reliable motorcycle known for its versatility and affordability. Here are its key specifications:

  • Engine Displacement: 185cc

  • Maximum Power: 17.8 horsepower

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 14 litres

  • Transmission: 5-speed manual

  • Seat Height: 780mm

  • Weight: 125kg


The SYM 185 offers several notable features, including:

  • LED headlights for enhanced visibility

  • Digital instrument panel for clear and easy-to-read information

  • Disc brakes for improved stopping power

  • Adjustable suspension for a comfortable ride

  • Spacious under-seat storage for carrying personal belongings


With its 185cc engine, the SYM 185 delivers adequate power for both urban commuting and occasional highway rides. The lightweight design contributes to nimble handling, making it suitable for manoeuvring through traffic. The motorcycle's fuel efficiency is commendable, allowing riders to enjoy longer journeys without frequent refuelling.



The SYM VF3i is a sportier option with a more powerful engine. Let's take a look at its specifications:

  • Engine Displacement: 183cc

  • Maximum Power: 20.7 horsepower

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.2 litres

  • Transmission: 6-speed manual

  • Seat Height: 790mm

  • Weight: 115kg


The SYM VF3i boasts several features that enhance its sporty appeal:

  • Full LED lighting system for improved visibility

  • The digital LCD instrument panel with multiple display modes

  • Upside-down front forks for enhanced suspension performance

  • Dual-channel ABS for increased safety during braking

  • Tubeless tires for reduced chances of sudden deflation


With its more powerful engine, the SYM VF3i offers a thrilling riding experience. The additional horsepower provides quick acceleration, making it suitable for riders who enjoy a sportier ride. However, the smaller fuel tank capacity compared to the SYM 185 means it may require more frequent refuelling, especially during long rides.


Design and Appearance

Both the SYM 185 and SYM VF3i feature stylish designs but with distinct differences. The SYM 185 adopts a more classic and timeless look, appealing to riders who prefer a traditional aesthetic. On the other hand, the SYM VF3i embraces a sportier and more aggressive look, with sharp lines and aerodynamic elements.

Engine Performance

In terms of engine performance, the SYM VF3i takes the lead with its higher horsepower output. The additional power translates to quicker acceleration and a higher top speed, providing an adrenaline-filled riding experience. On the other hand, the SYM 185 offers sufficient power for everyday commuting and offers better fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the SYM 185 outshines the SYM VF3i due to its larger fuel tank capacity. With a 14-litre tank, the SYM 185 allows riders to cover longer distances without the need for frequent refuelling. Conversely, the SYM VF3i's smaller 7.2-litre tank may require more stops for refuelling during extended rides.

Riding Experience

The riding experience differs between the SYM 185 and the SYM VF3i. The SYM 185 is designed with comfort and versatility in mind, offering a smooth and stable ride suitable for various road conditions. On the other hand, the SYM VF3i's sportier features, such as its upside-down front forks and responsive handling, provide a more exhilarating and dynamic riding experience, ideal for those seeking a thrilling ride.


Price is an essential factor to consider when choosing a motorcycle. Generally, the SYM 185 is more affordable compared to the SYM VF3i. The SYM 185's lower price point makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious riders or those who prioritize cost-effectiveness. Conversely, the SYM VF3i's higher price reflects its sportier design and more powerful engine.

Biggest Differences

  1. Weight: The SYM 185 weighs 125kg, while the SYM VF3i is slightly lighter at 115kg. The weight difference can affect manoeuvrability and ease of handling.

  2. Transmission: The SYM 185 features a 5-speed manual transmission, whereas the SYM VF3i comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. The additional gear in the VF3i allows for more precise gear shifting and better control over acceleration.

  3. Storage Capacity: The SYM 185 offers spacious under-seat storage, providing a convenient space to store personal belongings or essentials. In contrast, the SYM VF3i does not have under-seat storage, which may require riders to carry their items using additional storage options.

  4. Instrument Panel: The instrument panel of the SYM 185 consists of a digital display that provides essential information such as speed, fuel level, and trip meter readings. The SYM VF3i, on the other hand, features a digital LCD instrument panel with multiple display modes, allowing riders to customize the information they want to see.

  5. Braking System: While both motorcycles have disc brakes for improved stopping power, the SYM VF3i is equipped with a dual-channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). ABS helps prevent wheel lock-up during sudden or hard braking, enhancing safety and control.

  6. Suspension: The suspension system differs between the two models. The SYM 185 features an adjustable suspension, allowing riders to fine-tune the suspension according to their preference and road conditions. The SYM VF3i, on the other hand, comes with upside-down front forks, which offer enhanced suspension performance and improved stability during aggressive riding.

  7. Seat Height: The SYM 185 has a seat height of 780mm, while the SYM VF3i has a slightly higher seat height of 790mm. Riders with different heights and preferences can choose a motorcycle that provides a more comfortable seating position.

These additional differences contribute to the overall characteristics and riding experience of each motorcycle. It's important to consider these factors when making a decision based on your specific needs, preferences, and riding style.


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